Hello-hello there! My name is Nara (obviously) and quite simply, I just love taking photographs. I am originally from St Petersburg, Russia but Perth feels like home to me. Besides my passion to the whole photography process, there is also a lot of personal meaning to it. The whole world behind my camera. Connections that you can expose, emotions that you can catch, love that we sometimes find hard to express. Capturing the emotions and connections between people is not only for the sake of keeping memories, but for the moments when you open up the photo album or walk pass one of those photographs hanging on your wall and remember how blessed you are to have this person or these people in your life. This little reminder can give you a renewed perspective beyond the busy daily life to what matters the most. 

How long I have been doing it for and how did I get where I stand in my work now:

I have been doing photography since 2007 as I found it to be healing during a time of personal turmoil. What started as a passionate hobby, grew into passionate profession. I went through different journeys with my photography, trialling a variety of different genres. I started with street (journalistic) photography, traveling with a bag full of heavy gear around Asia. Then, as my enthusiasm to journalistic and candid photography grew I discovered a whole new world of music to photograph. I have spent a few years nurturing that passion until I became a wife and a mum, when my world turned upside down and I opened a new window of unconditional love mixed in with dirty nappies and sleep deprivation. Little did I know that I will be finding inspiration in the hustle and bustle of my daily life. In people that I share my life with and in the connections that we have. I realised that beyond that daily routine and chronic fatigue, there is an endless love that will never leave our hearts, wherever our life paths will take us. That moved me to take my camera and start looking for that love and connection between people, outside of my family. 

I feel like my experience in photographing musicians and doing street photography has given me awareness of those little moments that show human connection in all its beauty. My interest and experience in fashion/beauty photography has improved my attention to detail. Whether it is wedding and family photography, they share a lot of common ground. We celebrate love. And I capture it. A photoshoot with a toddler can be as exciting as a wedding. You never know what to expect. :) 

A few more words about my style:

I like to photograph in a candid (natural) style and although I often direct couples and families, I like to capture the moments between the "poses" and when they are interacting with each other authentically and spontaneously. I think that natural light brings magic into photographs. I usually recommend couples and families to have any outdoors photoshoot about an hour and half or two before sunset (known as the golden hour) when light is more diffused and less sharp than during the early afternoon. However with different family routines and busy wedding plans, this not always possible. Perth is full of parks, we can always find one with some shade. Yes, we may not have the magic of sun in the shots, but we will always have magic of love.

If you got the feeling that my style fits well with you, please do not hesitate to contact me via phone or email. I will be more than happy to answer your questions. 



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