Beautiful wedding for the years to remember...

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

When you never plan to marry each other and then end up getting engaged on the cliff in the middle of nowhere having a little bub in between your kiss.

I feel blessed working with families and couples that have made the decision to walk down life's road together. It's good to have a regular reminder why we get together, why we choose to become a family and why it all matters. And the answer is in our human nature. I believe growing together is powerful, even though it may get challenging at times. It's just a matter of choice. Our paths crossed together for a reason and it brings so much potential within. Potential for growth, support and selfless love. WE have just got to remember why we said “Yes!’ on that day. That day was honestly magical, and not just for Kelly & Alan and their family and friends, it was very magical for me . I left the wedding with an uplifted feeling. Love was streaming everywhere. Starting with the love vibe between the couple and fun mood among friends and finishing with beautiful arrangements. Everything was created with love. The beautiful location of Ambrose Estate and gorgeous native flower arrangements by their close friend added magic to the day. Speeches. They are one of my most favourite part of a wedding. Speeches expose the real heart connections people have. When I listened to Kelly’s dad speech, I had a hard time holding my camera upright without shaking, because I was laughing so much. Saying it was really funny is downplaying the heartfelt side to it. Most of all I felt like Kelly’s tear filled eyes (she wasn’t the only one tearing up) opened a little window to her glowing soul. So much love, strength, pride and admiration. And a very strong bond between father and daughter.

This wedding was fun, really fun. It felt like I was a wedding guest, rather being paid to take photos. When I first spoke to Kelly, I remember she said that they just wanted people to have really good time, celebrating their love. Isn’t that the whole reason behind the wedding day?

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